Announments Sunday 1/13/2019

  • PRAYER REQUESTS: Bro. Bob  Haas is at St. Joseph Hospital on the 5th floor and continues to improve and would welcome visitors.
  •  Bro. Gene and Karen Denick are in need of our prayers!  Bro. Gene is dealing with the symptoms of foot neuropathy, and just recently, severe vertigo.  
  • The collection for the month of January is for the Sunday School Fund.
  • We will be having Wednesday Evening Services on January 16th starting at 7:15PM
  • We are in need of more volunteers to teach the older Sunday School Class every other week, Please consider helping out if you can, a sign-up sheet is posted in the kitchen.
  •  The editors of the Silver Lining are inviting you to submit an article by Feb. 15 on the topic "What have you learned about experiencing peace in an unstable world."  Please see the foyer bulletin board for details.
    Silver Lining dues are due and payable in January for the Tucson church.  Suggested dues are $18.00.  Please pay cash or checks made out to Bro. Dean Knobloch.
  • If any member has church announcements or if you know of a visiting minister who is planning to visit Tucson, please e-mail that information to Bro. Brad at